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StartUp Theme

A Multipurpose Customizer Theme

StartUp Theme

A Multipurpose Customizer Theme

Or Get All Themes $99/year
WordPress StartUp Theme
WordPress StartUp Theme

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Join the other 29,732 supported Organic Themes members, and choose a WordPress theme bundle that works for you.

Builder Widgets Pro

The Builder Widgets Pro plugin allows you to create dynamic content sections on any page using any theme. The plugin provides a variety of custom widgets for adding featured slideshows, testimonials, events, pricing tables, and much more. Plus, it's all accomplished within the familiar WordPress Customizer interface.

Single License

One site license per product is provided with this package. Meaning, a single license can be activated on one domain per product included with this package. An active license provides you with access to important ongoing updates to your product. Licenses remain active for the duration of your membership.

Premium Customer Support

Organic Themes is a small team of family and friends. We're dedicated to the needs of our customers. We provide helpful personalized support, and have a reputation for excellence.

Unlimited Licenses

You will receive unlimited site licenses for every product included in this package. Meaning, you can activate licenses on an unlimited number of domains. An active license provides you with access to important ongoing updates to your product. Licenses remain active for the duration of your membership.

Design Files

Design files refer to Photoshop PSD design files for the home page layout. These files are useful to web designers and agencies that intend on modifying the home page design for their clients.

Uptime Monitoring

Site Shield will monitor your website uptime. Meaning, any time your website is not online you will be notified, and can take up the issue with your hosting provider.

Security Monitoring

Site Shield will monitor your website for viruses and malware. Additionally, we will provide you with a monthly report of the activity.

Protection & Cleanup

Site Shield will install and setup security plugins to protect your website from attacks. In the rare event your site is hacked, we will cleanup the mess.

Website Backups

Unfortunately, accidents happen. On rare occassions, activating the wrong plugin or clicking the wrong button can bring down your entire site. In case of catastrophe, Site Shield will have a recent backup, and restore your site to its former glory.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is updated on a regular basis. In some cases, updates include signifant new features and changes. We will manage those updates to make sure nothing goes wrong during the process.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Occassionaly, a theme or plugin update can result in conflicts, changes in your website appearance, or options being reset. We'll manage those updates to make sure your site looks and behaves as expected.

Speed Booster

The performance of your website is critical to keeping visitors, getting business, and improving SEO. Site Shield will install and setup a variety of tested plugns to make sure your website files and images are compressed and cached — which will drastically improve the load time of your pages.

Development Hours

You will receive 2 hours (8 credits) of develpment services per month. Meaning, an experinced member of our team will make requested changes and customizations to your site within a 2-hour timeframe. It's like having a web designer on retainer.

Note: Development hours do not rollover.

Standard Support

You will be provided access to our customer support forums and documentation. Our forums provide a wealth of knowledge regarding the use of WordPress and our themes and plugins. Addiiotnally, our support staff is extremely experienced and helpful.

Priority Support

In addition to our standard customer support, you will have access to priority support. Meaning, your submitted questions will always be at the top of our support queue. Additionally, our team will provide support via chat, normally reserved for pre-purchase questions.

Performance Report

Site Shield will provide a PDF report of all the progress that has been made on your website. So, you can view the software that we've updated, the backups we've made, any changes in your SEO, and more!

Gutenberg Conversion

The Gutenberg editor launched with WordPress 5.0, and it changes how content is added to your website. Content added the old way will need to be converted to blocks, which is a cumbersome process. We will convert up to 25 pages, bringing your website and content editing experience up-to-date.


Builder Pro

  • Builder Widgets Pro
  • 16 Page Builder Widgets
  • One Site License
  • Premium Support
  • No Themes Included

Single Theme

  • A Single Organic Theme
  • One Site License
  • Premium Support
  • No Builder Widgets Pro
  • No Design Files


  • All 40 Organic Themes
  • Builder Widgets Pro
  • Unlimited Site Licenses
  • Premium Support
  • Theme Design Files

Why Go Organic?

We believe less is more. Organic Themes are finely crafted without the added hormones of bloated options panels, excessive scripts and gimmicky effects.

Beautiful Design

The professional aesthetics of Organic Themes are of the utmost importance. We strive to maintain current design trends while avoiding flashy gimmicks and excessive animations.

Lightweight Code

We develop our themes with lightweight code, minimal scripts, clean formatting, and descriptive commenting for easy customization and fast load times.

Helpful Support

In addition to extensive theme documentation and WordPress tutorials, Organic Themes has a reputation for friendly, excellent and responsive customer support.

No Frameworks

We believe additional theme frameworks are unnecessary. Our themes can be freely modified without being confined by the limitations of a framework.

Customizer Options

No more bloated options panels! Our theme options are accessed within the native WordPress Customizer for a simple setup process as WordPress intended.

Trusted Brand

We have been providing free and premium themes to the WordPress community since 2009. We have a reputation for providing only the highest quality themes.

Sites Using An Organic Theme

Hundreds of thousands of people have chosen an Organic Theme to produce their website. For a couple dudes in Hawaii, we think that is way cool.

Richard Pearce Hairdressing

Richard Pearce Hairdressing

Micky Wyld

Micky Wyld

David Morgan

David Morgan



Organic Themes was founded in 2009 in the small town of Lahaina on the island of Maui. Today, we continue to build products from Hawaii — promoting a balanced, sustainable lifestyle that we believe shines through in our themes. Mahalo for considering us as your website solution.

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